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TASA strives to ensure that no one wishing to learn how to swim is hindered by financial hardships.


TASA partners with high quality swim lesson programs and competitive swim teams throughout the Triad by providing scholarships and tuition assistance for swimmers that would otherwise not be able to afford fees. TASA raises money by partnering with individuals, buisinesses, and foundations that want to be a force for health and athletics in their community. 

TASA was created in 2019 by a group of swim coaches in the Triad who are passionate about water safety. Our purpose is that everyone gets the opportunity to experience water safety and swimming at a young age. Through this exposure we hope that swimming will stay with them throughout their entire life. The CDC states that water exercising helps to decrease disability and aids in the quality of life in older adults. Since swimming is a low-impact sport, this makes it a safe option for older adults, rather than risking a fall while biking or running. Swimming feels good on joints and boosts one’s mood at the same time.

It’s essential that every child learn to swim, especially to be water-safe. But there are so many levels of swimming and benefits that come along the way. Introduce your child to swimming early on so that they have the skill for their whole life. This can help improve their overall physical and mental health. Hopefully, they will fall in love with the sport and lap it up for years.

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