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coach SUE

The Lady in the Water


Sue truly loved all things swimming, and cared deeply for her students and community. Words cannot express how proud I am of Sue. I have personally never seen her level of selflessness and commitment. She was a one of a kind treasure I will never forget.

- Sue's Husband

Coach Sue Acampora passed away on February 11th 2022. Better known as The Lady in the Water, Ms. Sue was everything to Enfinity Aquatic Club and Winston-Salem/Kernersville swimming. Over the past 20 years, the number of swimmers she taught was unparalleled in our community. There wasn’t any aspect of the sport that she didn’t play a part in.


Enfinity swim first started as a USA Masters Swim Program at Wake Forest University (2011). Coach was an ever present figure as both a leader, mentor and lifeguard. A regular at Friday morning team breakfast, Sue was always reliving past swimming experiences and planning the next swim meet road trip.


As a High School Coach, Sue played an essential role in building the Parkland High School program (2011-2022) and was Conference Coach of the Year in 2018. During her run as the Parkland Coach, she took all 18 of her swimmers to Regionals in 2018 (10 of them went on to HS States). If you ever wanted to hang out in a Parking lot for an extended period, you could have stopped Coach Sue and asked her how the Parkland swim team was coming along. 


As a Swim Instructor, she spent countless hours working with children. Sue worked as both a guard and a swim instructor at: WGW YMCA (Squid Squad and established a synchronized swim team), YWCA (Gateway Prep Team), Long Creek, Westwood Swim and Tennis Club, First Christian Church and Enfinity Aquatic Club. At Enfinity, she was the mother of our Aqua Farm program. If you learned to swim in Winston or Kernersville over the last 10 years, there was a very good chance you were with The Lady in the Water at some point.


When Winston-Salem fell short of having anyone lead the diving program for the local high schools, Ms. Sue stepped in and became the diving coach for the community! On her resume, it is simply labeled that she was the Forsyth County Dive Coach, 2017-2019. It wasn’t uncommon for divers from various programs (RJR, Mount Tabor, etc..) to line up at Winston Salem State University to dive with Coach.


In the Winter of '22, The Lady in the Water spent her last season acting as the lead guard, water fitness instructor and head of swim lessons for First Christian Church. Enfinity doesn't have the ability to fully relay the importance that Sue was to our swimming community. 


If there had been no Coach Sue there would be no Enfinity Aquatic Club. In the earliest days of our program, Coach Tim (founder) wouldn’t have been able to take a single day off without her covering a practice. And she would ALWAYS cover a practice. 


Enfinity Aquatic Club will forever work to honor all Coach Sue stood for through our non-profit, The Triad Amatuer Swim Assocation (TASA). TASA is the non-profit vehicle that sponsors swim lessons for children who couldn’t otherwise afford to do so. Enfinity will be donating $2,000 every February 11th every year to mark Coach's last day coaching swim lessons. We will continue to honor Ms. Sue with our endless pursuit to teach children to swim and make our community a safer and more confident place.

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